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(Almost) everything at 59 NOK!

Ikke lenger egen nettbutikk på kvernan.com

Populært med bygg

Ikke gå over bekken etter vann... gå til ICA

Happy Holidays!

Planned maintenance of payment solution

Ytterligere rabatt på mjøl og gryn

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Produkter fra Saltå Kvärn tilgjengelig på bestilling

Hurtigruten - minute by minute
Hurtigruten - minute by minute

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Welcome to our webshop at nordicdvd.com!
Popular items now are the Hurtigruten - minutt for minutt DVD and the Bergensbanen - minutt for minutt DVD. We also have local products like our own coffee mugs, Livet langs Numedalslågen DVD, the booklet Kulturminner langs Lyngdalsvassdraget (Norwegian only) and a lot more.

Mill no longer in production
After 340 years (!) we've taken a break from the mill business.

No summer café this year
After 20 years we've now taken a break from the summer café. The last season was the summer of 2011.


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Hurtigruten - minute by minute
Hurtigruten - minute by minute

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Used Blu-ray
Used Blu-ray

S-FILM Watch a "special" film! A quality-brand from Film&Kino.
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