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Search, browse and campaign functions improved

2006-05-16 21:47:37

The search function is greatly improved, first of all when it comes to speed. While searches earlier could cause your browser to crash it should now run smoothly even if you try a "blank search" for every item in the database (I suppose that's not really very practical though). While you earlier got hits for products, artists and titles on the same page you can now specify what you want to search for in the search box. Product searches will be sorted with the latest releases first – all other functions alphabetically. Later it will of course be possible to perform a more advanced search. Hits are divided into pages, so only 10 hits are shown on one page at a time. The campaign function was awfully slow – now that will also run smoothly; the same goes for the browse functions found on the shop pages. In case you don't find what you want in the local catalouge you can still search in the database of a big German supplier. Obviously there might still be a few bugs, so let me know if you can think of further improvements. So start searching and browsing!


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