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Three different licenses are offered depending on your needs: Personal (included in purchase price). One or several Pro, Pro Plus and Photo licenses (for stills) can be added on as required for your project. All licenses come with a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to use the purchased footage in your project(s).

You may not:
– Use the footage in an illegal or questionable (grey area) context.
– Re-sell the footage as stock footage or part of a stock footage library. Other re-sale could be okay, but requires approval. A reference to this text must be included with the material.
– Upload footage unedited to a streaming service. You may however freely distribute the sample watermarked video files (unaltered).

Exclusive licenses (with royalties) are available by request.


  • Web distribution (excluding VOD)
  • One user
  • One channel
  • Multiple projects

This is an affordable license for individual content creators. You may use the clip in multiple projects (videos) within the same channel that could span various services.


  • Web distribution (excluding VOD)
  • Projects with limited/ regional distribution (i.e. nonprofit organizations, local TV)
  • Up to 10 users
  • One project

License for one single project and up to 10 users within the same company/ team.


  • Unrestricted distribution
  • Unlimited users
  • One project

License for one single project (a commercial, movie, documentary etc.) including all forms of publication and multiple users (within the same company/team).

Contact me if you have any questions about licenses.

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